The Best Example of Leadership is Leadership By Example

Grayson Anthony sets a positive example as a student council member.


Anthony is sitting in the conference chair. He has spent many hours in the library working for Student council and planning dances, conventions, spirit weeks, etc. Photo Courtesy of Houston Brackett

Houston Brackett, Contributor

The student council is the backbone of LHS. It’s a group of students who are fully dedicated to this school. They spend their spare time making the school a better place. One of these students is sophomore Grayson Anthony.

“It always gives me something to do and it also looks good for college,” Anthony said.

Anthony doesn’t like it when he has nothing to do. Therefore, the student council is a great way for him to have something to do and he also gives back to his school at the same time.

“The charity we do, we did ‘Can the Tigers’ this year for football. That was good. Food drives are one of the things that actually help,” Anthony said.

That, among many other reasons, is why student council exists. The student council helps beyond the school and even goes out and helps the community. Anthony is always willing to help his fellow students.

“You should join if you aren’t involved in another after school activity,” said Anthony.

Students who aren’t involved in something year-round should definitely consider Student Council.

“You have to be willing to get your work done. If you can get your student council and school work done then you should be good,” Anthony said.  

Students like Grayson Anthony represent LHS well and are great examples to follow. He works hard, has good grades, and is involved. His work ethic is admirable, and his is definitely a positive example for younger students.