Record Breaker Jordan Lewis

An interview and detailed story of varsity basketball player Jordan Lewis.


Nick Mebruer

The big scorer. Jordan Lewis rises off the ground to make a lay-up. That game Jordan has 19 points.

Kayne Buckley, Contributor

Standing at six-foot-three, Jordan Lewis is eager for his junior year of basketball. He is heading into his fifth year of basketball, and has been a stand-out player since the beginning.

¨I started playing basketball in seventh grade. I was pretty bad then. I was one person away to be cut,¨ said Lewis.

Lewis spent his seventh grade summer trying to improve after he fell in love with the game,

¨I practiced hard, there was not a time during that summer where I did not have a basketball in my hands,¨ Lewis said. ¨When I played in eighth grade I improved a lot. I was starting and I was a defensive captain on the team.¨

As summer ended, and basketball season rolled around again, Lewis became a serious threat on the court for the 8th-grade Yellowjackets. He was a starter at this point. This was his breakout season. By the end of the season Lewis broke records in rebounding, shooting percentage, and double-doubles.

During the summer, Lewis once again spent a lot of time working hard.

¨I went to UCM and MSU for basketball camps. I started playing travelling basketball, it was harder than school basketball,” Lewis said “There is bigger tournaments and better players. I learned a lot off of my teammates, coaches, and opponents. It showed me that I had to work harder.¨

Freshman year approached quickly for Lewis. He started JV and came off the bench for Varsity. He worked hard throughout the season, and of course, he had records to break. Jordan broke a school record in most rebounds in a single game. He had 28 rebounds against the JV Glendale Falcons. Jordan led the JV team in scoring. That season, the JV team had a 22-4 record, the best it has ever been.

“I focus on one game at a time. Everyone on this team has the same goal in mind and we work hard to get the job done. We want to be the best team possible,” Lewis said. “I try to improve in every way I can. The weight room has been a key for my growth. I also work on my shot and practice a lot outside of basketball season.”

Last season, as a sophomore, Lewis started varsity. He had some experience under his belt, but he had to adjust to the speed and strength of other players to be successful. That was something Jordan could do, he broke the school record shooting percentage, most rebounds in a single game (18), and school rebounding record (242). Although the Jackets had a lousy season, Jordan stood out. Sophomore, Jordan Lewis, was a team captain for the Varsity team, teammates looked up to him. Jordan is an all-around great player. With his traveling team this summer, Jordan won the Hardwood Classic tournament and was selected first team all offense and defense.

“Doug Shockley inspires me to play. He has taught me everything I know. He is my biggest supporter and a great role model to me,” said Lewis.

As this season quickly rolls around, the six foot-three junior will have a lot to work for.

“It’s going to the best season in a long time. We‘re under a new coach, it’s going to be a lot of fun. The guys on Varsity have been playing together for a while and we have really good chemistry,” Lewis said.