The future is in your hands

Drew McBride, Contributor

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The Go Capps is a program brought to Lebanon High School about two years ago. This program gives the senior students a chance to experience jobs they might be interested in, to work at for the rest of their lives. To be in this program students either have to be all in or out. This program takes half of your school day every day for the whole year.

Most students love this idea, and teachers do too. Mainly, because students get the chance to experience different jobs rather than just listening to a teacher talk in the classroom. If students take Go Capps it will be their senior year of high school. Students will either have it the first half of the day or the last half of the day.

Many students go to the Mercy hospital in Lebanon and they get to see what it is like to actually work there, and get to observe what experienced nurses and other workers at the hospital are doing. This experience can be very useful and could change a lot of kids minds about what they want to be or what they don’t want to be.

The Go Capps program is good. It helps the students learn and continue to pursue what they love to do and it would help out their futures.

“I think this is a good program because I have learned a lot more from this than I would ever learn in a classroom,” said senior Clay Hudson.

This is the mindset you have to have to do Go Capps because you have to enjoy doing it and be all in.

This is also a big commitment to be involved in this, not everyone gets to do it. If you are going to do it you have to be there every day and you will miss half of your day at school.

“When I found out I was going to be in Go Capps I was very excited and ready to get started,” said Hudson.

Matt McBride works at Detroit Tool Engineering (DTE) and there are Go Capps students who visit his work every day.

“My boss takes Go Capps very serious because he is teaching kids that may work from him in the future, ” said DTE engineer Matt McBride.

My dads boss had a classroom built in DTE so that kids could go there for lunch and to learn all about the business.

While also getting to see hands-on stuff. We get to see all the different types of machinery and robots. This program is a great way to educate kids. This teaches them how to work in real life and how not to do certain things.

If you are in Go Capps then you need to take it seriously because you can learn a lot from it. This can help decide what you want to do for a living and can decide your future. This program is a great addition to LHS. The future is here.