Giving it all to God

Everything we do should be done for the Lord’s glory. Many people think this just means going to church, reading their bible, or praying. In all reality, God wants more than just a couple of minutes of everyone’s time in a week.

“Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God,” 1 Corinthians 10:31. God is watching what everyone does at all times, so we should please him in everything we do. Many people who play sports do not just play for themselves, they do it for the glory of the Lord. For example, many players write bible verses on their shoes to remind them to do things for his glory.

Even the little things, like taking a math test, should be done for the Lord’s glory. Failing a test means not giving the full potential of what God has given you. Doing this means failing the Lord himself.

When people give the glory to their teammates, coaches, or family members instead of the Lord, it sets them up for disappointment later on. Many times teammates, coaches, or family members will not see that others are giving everything they have for their glory instead of something else. The Lord always knows if people are doing things for his glory, and he will praise them for what they do for him.

Personally, I struggle a lot with giving God my everything. Many times I get distracted by the non-important material things within this world. When distracted people put off time with the Lord, that is spiritually needed.

In order to give more time to the Lord people should put themselves in a distraction-free environment for a little bit of time. For example, going in a room with the door shut, and turning off all distractions, like electronics. This not only gives alone time with the Lord, but it gives growth that helps build even more of a relationship.