Danny Duncan’s Adventures and Exciting Stunts

Danny Duncan’s Youtube channel

from https://www.famousbirthdays.com/people/danny-duncan-youtubestar.html

from https://www.famousbirthdays.com/people/danny-duncan-youtubestar.html

Braeden Slavens, Contributor

Danny Duncan operates his self titled YouTube channel. His videos consist of him doing many dangerous and funny things.

In many of Duncan’s videos he rides around on mopeds and talks with a variety of people where he lives, even though he does travel a lot. Viewers can find him in many different locations. He has many funny scenes where he gives money to people to quit their job, doing stunts on his moped and his dirt bikes, pranks, and skateboarding videos.

His YouTube channel is different from many other channels. He has his own way of making videos; he does not just play video games like some other youtubers. As a result of having a cameraman, Duncan can do more stunts rather than holding the camera himself.

I’ve watched several of Duncan’s videos. They are really entertaining and make many people laugh. This is probably the main reason he has so many views and subscribers. My favorite videos are the ones where he takes his miniature horse into places and tells people the name of his horse and waits for their reaction.

Although Duncan has many different videos, none are really the same. When going to watch one of his videos viewers don’t  really know what to expect, other than that he’s going to do something crazy.

I think Danny Duncan has a great YouTube channel with a wide variety of videos that could make almost anyone laugh. I would encourage anyone to watch his videos, but keep in mind he uses vulgar language. He has a large selection of videos for almost anyone.

He has many different scenarios in each of his videos that make his channel unique. Duncan is a very well growing YouTuber and is making it pretty far with his YouTube career. He even has merchandise for sell. This is a way for him to make more money because YouTube doesn’t pay as much as it used to. He sells his items at an affordable price.