Our Time Together

Will it hit you hard


A modern-day rapper can be something more

Brianna Bunch, Contributor

“Our Time Together” by Ivan B (featuring Marie Elizabeth) was produced by Kevin Peterson back in 2016. This hit single talks about two people loving one another, but soon realizing that it’s not their time. This is caused by Marie finding someone who she likes before realizing how she sees Ivan.

A modern rapper, Ivan Paniagua, expresses his true feeling through words and the minds of others by using music. “Our Time Together” helped Ivan to make it up the charts to get where he is today as number 1 out of all of his songs.

Paniagua and Elizabeth work well hand in hand when it not only comes to performances but also as a whole in the music industry as performing artists. Their song hits it off to a great start as it climbs up the ladder in the process. The song alone has a deep meaning and will go into detail of the song as the time goes on.

Paniagua picked the music career and is doing fantastic. As he gets his points across each line of text and the number of emotions put into each word.

One line from the song says, “Well what’s the point of the one if you find them at the wrong time.” Alone can go for many things and not just love. As a personal thought everything happens for a reason, therefore it’s never the wrong time or right time.