Here Without You

Where would we be without cheerleaders?


The JV cheer team poses for a picture with their coach Leighanne Phipps after their first home game. This game was against Branson and they had a blast pumping up the crowd. Picture courtesy of Krista White

Krista White, Contributor

It’s a cold Friday night, the stands are filled with football fans. The cheerleaders are in the front cheering up the crowd.

It’s a Tuesday night, this time we’re in Boswell Auditorium watching the basketball game, yet again the cheerleaders are there. Every time there is a varsity sport playing, there are cheerleaders.

“There wouldn’t be any excitement. The student section would not be what it is, the cheerleaders pump them up and get them stirred up. Along with the band the cheerleaders give the games the excitement they need,” said junior Ally Gerant.

Without cheerleaders, there might be a student swarm of maybe 10-20 people and they would cheer a little when we score, but there would be no encouragement throughout the game.

“The adults would appreciate it considering they are only there for the games. I believe that the games would be better because the swarm hardly gets the cheerleaders and they tend to do things on their own. The games would lack a little bit of team spirit, however, the parents pay no attention to the cheerleaders,” said senior Kaylee Zebel.

Without cheerleaders the games would be quieter, there would be less team spirit, and the student swarm would be smaller.

“The games would lack team spirit and honestly the players would probably get bored and feel that they have no one supporting them. It would be a much quieter atmosphere,” said junior Mikayla Evans.