Cold Turkey: Part I

Two days into a one-month nicotine free commitment

Dylan Zeigenbein, Contributor

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It physically hurts and just seems too annoying to me. I just crave Nikki. Cold Turkey. I’m just craving food because I need flavor. Nikki has become a real problem, not only for me but for other teens.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) supports actions to help prevent teens from using tobacco, including restricting advertising, increasing the product prices and raising the purchase age of tobacco products. Yet this doesn’t stop even underage children from getting Nikki.

This is only day two, that seems absolutely ridiculous. It feels as if my brain is slowly melting in a microwave. I have every opportunity to let Nikki in and yet I must refuse her. Even today as I speak to the school’s administrators and with my superior officer about this problem, I still crave Nikki more than I could imagine. It hurts without her.

I have developed occasional coughing fits which are caused by increased phlegm, especially without Nikki in my system. Other side effects include generic tooth decay, damaged metabolism, frequent coughing, increased phlegm, decreased physical fitness, and breathing problems.

I stay active and eat properly for my size and age. This helps lower side effects of Nikki. I do have trouble breathing when running, but my metabolism is running overly well.

This is going to be a hard month but I hope it will cause a positive change in my life so I can stop messing up my future over one simple controlling product.