Cold Turkey: Part III

Cold Turkey: Part III

Dylan Zeigenbein, Contributor

The journey is awful, like a long trek, and I am still unsure of the outcome. It is a shame really. I feel it as a need when I know it is only a want. I let this lack of Nikki pain me. I have become a fool.

At once I feel that 8 years cannot just come to an end, yet at the same time, I feel as if it must. I have lost many things throughout my days on this planet, I feel like Nikki has helped me through that and now might just add on to the loss.

These days without my main stress relief have been hard emotionally. This is both bad and good. Good because it helps me learn to grow without turning to a habit. Also bad because it means no quick fix to the mental issues. Although it hurts, it is good for me; therefore it is what must be done, even if against all instinct.

I hope others can learn from these writings and I have the opportunity to help others whether it be with the control of Nikki or any other thing that can control you. Or if I can help with the simple normal issues you may face in these years to come or from your past. Take this as you will.