Will You Be Our Valentine?

Students ponder over Valentine’s Day

Jordan Lewis,11, and Karyna Abel, 11, receiving their Valentines at Lebanon High.

Newspaper Staff, Staff

There are many mixed feelings and thoughts when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

For the singles, they’re either irritated that the day is celebrated or sad because they have no one with whom to share their love.

For couples, they might not want to go all out on this special day either. Some may not even want to celebrate it because they think it’s pointless or lame. Others, however, love to celebrate this holiday and look forward to this day every year.

At LHS, the school gives slips to students who receive gifts and then allows them to head to Donnelly to pick them up during Flight Time. Some people think that Valentine’s Day is a great holiday, but opinions differ on whether or not it is too much of a distraction at school.

“They [students] get pulled out of class just to get some flowers and a bear from friends and family. As a whole, I don’t think that I disagree with giving gifts, but you can give your child their gift after school. We don’t need to pull kids out of class. As a whole, Valentine’s Day is just another way for businesses to make money,” said Miss Felton.

Others find that the hustle and bustle is not too overwhelming.

“I think they set it up with the least amount of disruption to the class,” said Mrs. Armstrong. “I love people all the time, but it’s a nice day of remembrance.”

Others love the idea of Valentine’s Day.

“I think it’s a sweet little holiday for people in relationships or people that are married or people trying to become a couple. The gift giving is sweet and so is the exchange of chocolates, especially teddy bears” said senior Andrew Stopper.

Some people think it’s pointless to celebrate Valentine’s Day at school.

“I think we should stop it. It’s pointless when we can just do it at home,” said senior Hogan Fisher.

Some feel like they don’t get to celebrate the holiday properly at school.

“I feel like the celebration on Valentine’s day is wrong. They pull kids out of class to get gifts. The school says no PDA for the people that think they’re in love,” said Kylee Reed, senior.

On this special day, most couples would want to spend it with their significant other. Some go out to dinner.