Cold Turkey: Part IV


Dylan Zeigenbein, Contributor

Another week and the struggle is ending. I have realized some things during this journey. I have been feeling emotionally drained lately and do not have to rely on Nikki to help me through the emotional struggles. I have started having a toothpick in my mouth at all times to help me through the days. I honestly had never realized how much of an effect Nikki had on me until now. First, it was actual physical pain, now it is more of a negative mood that has been a constant.

I originally started chewing to fit in with the majority in my school, then it became a part of me. I used Nikki as a stress relief because I have had many mental struggles. This is more of a generalized column that is supposed to relate to all in the sense that everyone who struggles with Nikki is somehow related to each other in this specific vice.

My story of why I started letting Nikki take control is based on personal experience. I feel it is best to let you know the actual reasoning I have let it get this far. I want to be able to help others release the grasp of Nikki, not only because this is my grade, but also because Nikki has caused so many problems in my life. I personally feel that my life is better without her.

I felt that Nikki was helping me get through tough times in my life. In reality, Nikki added to the trouble and I could never wish that on anyone. I have found myself managing without the vice I felt kept me safe. I have turned harder towards my music to help me occupy my time. I am improving without Nikki and am happy I decided to take the opportunity to see what life is like without her.