Lights! Camera! One Acts!

The LHS drama department serves up laughs, snacks and one acts


On March 1st and 2nd, Lebanon High School hosted its first Laughs, Snacks, and One Acts. One act plays are shorter than normal plays and only have a few scenes. The LHS drama department put on two one-acts titled “The Customer is Always Wrong”, and “Check Please”.

“One acts are funny, family friendly, and have a wide appeal” said director and LHS drama teacher CJ Thomas.

Performing two one-act plays as opposed to one normal length play opened up many opportunities for LHS students. Having two plays meant more leading roles for students. It also meant some students got to have more than one part. In the one-acts there were mostly major roles and every charter got a speaking part.

“I thought it was quite a delight to watch,” said audience member, sophomore, Joe Silberberg.

The one acts were held in LHS Boswell auditorium instead of the normal location at the Civic Center. Changing the location allowed for the drama department to use the high school concession stand. Money from the concession stand helped them raise more money for future plays. Having the snack bar also complimented the humorous plays by making the audience feel like they were watching a comedy show.

“The Customer is Always Wrong” follows a group of teenagers at their first jobs. The play showed the rude customers that people typically see when working a in jobs such as fast food. The play also showed teenagers who thought they knew exactly the perfect job for them, but soon discovered they were wrong. The play explored babysitting, working in fast food, passing out flyers, and working a ticket booth at a theater. From parents not wanting to raise their child to people who think they are better than others, the humorous play had it all.

“Check Please” follows a boy and a girl who were supposed to meet for a dinner date but ended up at different tables. The storyline follows the boy and girl as they go on several awful blind dates. This relatable play left the crowd laughing.

“I will say the students were very into and passionate about their roles,” said senior Payte Dugger.