Preparing for the Spotlight

How to rehearse for Dancing with the Stars according to Bailey Riggs

Picture Courtesy of Amber

Picture Courtesy of Amber

Amber Ruble, Contributor

Dancing with the Stars is a big event, so anyone performing must be prepared. There are many approaches to rehearsal, but overall everyone has the same goal: to know the dance from memory without making mistakes. It is fun to watch the event, and see the approaches of the different pairs, but what’s it really like behind the scenes during rehearsal? How do the dancers get to know their routines so well?

The main idea of rehearsal is how often a dancer does so.

“We started practicing once a week, and then went to a few times a week when it got closer to time,” said senior Bailey Riggs.

This makes a lot of sense, considering most people tend to want more practice towards the end of time. This is because of nerves that may be starting to kick in. If not practiced many times in the end, the dancer(s) could end up making errors they never thought they’d make.

The second idea covers how long it takes a dancer to learn their routine.

“It took us about 3 or 4 practices to get the whole dance down,” Riggs said. “but things changed throughout other practices.”

This shows how much dedication they really had for this event. If they hadn’t been as dedicated and spent a lot of time putting things off, not only would it have taken them longer to learn, but they would most likely be more stressed about it the closer the event.

“We practiced at our dance teacher’s studio, so we were able to have a flexible schedule since it was available all the time.”

Dance studios provide a lot of room to dancers, so they never have to worry about running into things. It’s always nice to have a flexible schedule as well. If anything were to occur such as family events or even emergencies, the times scheduled to practice could be moved around and it wouldn’t matter.

In the end, all the dancers learned their routines and performed them without any major issues. They all got there by rehearsal, and the process is always more important than the result. Without it, the result would be nothing. Dancers should look up to Bailey for inspiration. Rehearsal can be very repetitive and hard, but with the dedication that she had, she was able to look past that.