The Hall of Famer

Coach Jacky Payne takes on the Lady Yellow Jackets


Photo one: photo by: Braeden Slavens Senior Kamryn Mack takes her shot. The Lebanon Lady Yellow Jacket basketball team had a great season thanks to Coach Payne. The Girls has a 14-10 winning streak and competed in the district championship game.

Brennen Keller, Contributor

The 2018 season was a huge shift for the Lady Yellow Jacket Basketball Program. The biggest of those changes was the resignation of Coach Kelly. Kelly was the head coach for Lebanon’s girl basketball team for the 2017 state playoff team. However, he announced his resignation during the end of the 2018 season. Leaving many questions for the future of the program. The main question being who would take his place.

Coach Jacky Payne stepped up to the plate of coaching the girls. The 2018 Hall of Fame Inductee changed the way that the girls play. Payne brought a new positive outlook to the team.

“He is a great coach and really cares about his players. One of my favorite things he says is let the negative go and let the positive flow,” said Junior Katie Mino.

His coaching style is a very positive. He focuses on bringing up the overall morale of the team. Payne is very good at connecting with his players. He even bought all of the girls a pair of fuzzy socks for Christmas.

“We ended the season a whole different team than when we started, he helped us surprise a lot of people this season,” said senior Baylei Palmer.

Payne is an outstanding coach. He has coached at St. James, Marshfield, Lebanon, Stoutland, and Skyline. Payne was also inducted into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. He entered this season with 569 games won and a great amount of district and conference championship.

Payne has proven himself as a coach. He proved himself this year as he took over head coach of the Lady Jackets. In the girls first 3 games the girls averaged 70 points a game. That is the most points the Lady Jackets have ever averaged in their first game. So right from the start Coach Payne made history with the girls. He lead the girls to a winning season of 14-10. He also has coached the girls into the district championship game.