Survival of the Fittest; Battle of the Mind

Surviving the never-ending battle of the mind.


Whisper Kane , contributor

When I walk through the halls of LHS, I can notice the signs of mental disorders because of my time dealing with a mental disorder. Loss of interest, nervousness, and mood changes are a few of the signs that I can see. Lebanon High School needs to sit back and look at the students that walk through their halls.


Plenty of students at LHS experience stress. Stress has been proven to be higher in teenagers than in adults. Levels of stress can be seen slowly rising over the years. LHS students have mountains of homework every night. Even I have multiple items piled onto my to-do lists. For example, I can have at maximum seven class periods worth of homework that all vary in amount. This isn’t factoring in clubs that take up my spare time.


At Lebanon High, there are activities going on every day. From personal experience, when dealing with stress I have three advanced courses, one foreign language class, a core class, and two elective classes. Almost all of my classes pass out mountains of homework every day. Stress isn’t always caused by school though. Sometimes, parents pressure their kids to do well in school, they expect their child to be perfect.


Depression is the issue I dread more than others. When it comes to depression, I can give an inside look into the mindset of someone who almost fell to the dark wall I call depression. Depression can be in anyone. To me, because I went through depression, I can notice the little signs. Whether it is the loss of appetite, loss of interest, slowly pushing everyone away or extreme mood swings, I can pinpoint a person who is depressed. When I was depressed I had violent mood swings that lead to me making stupid decisions that caused me to lose a lot of my friends.


Depression can be brought upon by multiple things such as a loss of a close person, conflict, certain medications, abuse, or even genetics. Depression sadly leaves a permanent mark on the inflicted person by rearing its violent head through memories. Depression can fade, but it is like a severe wound; the wound may close but there will always be a faint scar.


Anxiety rears its unpleasant head more than once in a day. Anxiety disorders form a category of mental health diagnoses that lead to excessive nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worry. Anxiety itself is a normal emotion that we feel when we are doing something we shouldn’t do or when we fear something or someone. I personally don’t have bad anxiety levels but I know friends who do.


Some people have anxiety levels so bad that it can incapacitate them. I’ve have seen people have anxiety attacks over presentations, performances, even asking a question in class. With me, however, my anxiety can cause me to stop everything and wonder if I am doing it correctly or if I am bothering someone. Anxiety is everywhere and I want teachers to look at a certain student and understand why they are hyperventilating or look like a deer caught in the headlights when in class because they have a presentation.