Patience, Practice, and Motivation

Jordan Hartman’s History of Dancing


Eric Adams

Jordan Hartman, proudly smiling in the spotlight, is performing her dance routine for the crowd with her partner, Tyler Blattel. By the expressions of the audience, it looks like Hartman is keeping their attention well.

Amber Ruble

Lebanon High School is home to many students with diverse talents. From students who can draw, paint, sing, etc., there are many events that take place to showcase these talents. However, there is one student the spotlight shines on in particular. Her name is Jordan Hartman, a senior. Her talent is dancing, which is why she chose to perform with Tyler Blattel in Dancing with the Stars.

“I have been dancing for 14 years,” Hartman said. “My parents started me dancing young and I just stuck with it.”

Just as the saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’. Hartman has proved this to be true as she continues to dance always showing improvement, especially as Dream Team Captain.

Many dancers prefer to dance to a certain genre or genres, while others don’t mind to dance to anything.

“I prefer to dance to “pop” music because it is the style of jazz dancing, but I will dance to anything,” Hartman said.

Every dancer rehearses differently. According to Hartman, her process is simple.

“I start with finding a song that I like, then, usually just find moves that I know I want to incorporate into the dance. After that I just choreograph the in-between parts,” Hartman said.

After figuring those things out, all she needs is patience, practice, and motivation.

Hartman is very serious about dancing and strives to be better. By setting goals and continuing to dance, she could even become a professional in the future if she wishes to. She is an inspiration to the world around her and especially on her younger sister, Rylee, who loves to dance as well. She was given this talent for a reason, and she should continue to pursue it.