Night of the Stars

Showcasing the dancers and competitors of LHS


Amber Ruble, contributor

When it comes to performing, it takes lots of time and practice beforehand. This was especially true for Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) this year. On the night of March 9, the dance moves of the Dream Team, Cheer, dancers of the School of Performing Arts, and 10 pairs of candidates were showcased at LHS. Each of these dancers had their own way of interpreting how they felt before, during, and after a performance.


For junior Ellee Douglas, this was a very different experience.


“I had practiced for dancing with the stars since the beginning of January at a dance studio. When we first started rehearsing I had no idea what I was doing. It scared me because I was going way out of my comfort zone. I never realized how hard dancing was until I started doing it,” Douglas explained.


The show began with the dancers performing a few group dances featuring music from “The Greatest Showman. The crowd went wild, but the show had only just begun. The rest of the night was focused on the 10 pairs of candidates.


These pairs were: Carrie Menley with Caleb Kennedy, Bailey Riggs with Tyler Staats, Jordan Hartman with Tyler Blattel, Hayli Myers with Kevin Blackmon, Ellee Douglas with Aaron Douglas, Kamryn Mack with Ramsey Stewart, Grant Weaver with Kathy Capps, Payton Deason with Mike Palmer, Karley Rumfelt with Randy Sproat, and finally Lanie Barker with Matt Doublin.


These pairs were competing to be the DWTS 2019 champions. They had all put in a lot of effort to get to that point, and they all performed successfully. But who were the champions?


After the dancers completed each of their performances, the votes were in, and the crowd’s favorite pair was chosen. These two were the pair that impressed the crowd the most and made the biggest impact on the night. The crowd waited for the pair to be called. They were excited…nervous…anticipating…and the DWTS 2019 champions were…Karley Rumfelt and Randy Sproat!


“I was very shocked and excited when I heard our names as the DWTS champions. Randy and I worked really hard and put in a lot of hours into our dance and our backup dancers. It was an awesome experience and I was so happy that we had been named the Champions of DWTS 2019,” said Rumfelt.


To showcase their victory, they won a mirror ball trophy. DWTS had once again been a great success. In the end, it was all in good fun, and in a way, they were all considered winners.


Ellee Douglas summed it all up, saying, “It has been a great experience and something I am so glad I have gotten to be a part of. It has been so cool to watch everything come together. If you work hard at something you will succeed. Remember that it is good to go out of your comfort zone because you never know where it might take you.”


“I’d recommend signing up in future years to anyone. I was honored to be able to raise money for After Prom and next year’s After Grad because those events, I think, are super important to our community. My favorite part was getting to become friends with all of the dancers. Everyone was so nice. I also enjoyed becoming good friends with Caleb and his family. . .Everything came out perfectly in the end, thanks to the amazing Beth Knight,” Carrie Menley added.