Life as a concert choir student

A concert choir student who enjoys performing

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Life as a concert choir student

Emily Young, Contributor

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Many knows how stressful and nerve-racking it is when performing or have to get up and talk to a group of people, but it’s much different for those who prepare to perform for crowds. Concert Choir is one of those things many have to push away the fear and put on a good show for all kinds of people.


“I get nervous, scared, and excited, and I can’t wait till the performance is over with,” said sophomore Sadey Rogers.


Rogers, one of thirty-five members in Concert Choir, has been a part of choir since she was in the fourth grade. Even though she has been in choir and has been through countless performances since she started, she still gets many different emotions and feelings before and during her performances.


“Focus is the major thing I have to have in the weeks that lead up to the day of the performance, so I have all my music and parts memorized,” said Rogers.


Up till the end of the year, Rogers and her class have been working hard on their last five songs for their last three performances. Their most recent performances were on Thursday, March 21st, and Friday, April 5th. She has sung only two of the five songs they have been working on. These songs were titled, “Grace”, and “I sing Because I’m Happy.”


For her last concert, she will perform before the Chamber Choir as they sing, “Grace”, “I Sing Because I’m Happy”, “The Three Madrigals”, “Old Abram Brown”, and “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The last concert will take place on May 3rd, at the Cowan Civic Center, where the Concert and Chamber choir perform one last time together for the school year.


“I do choir and will continue to do choir because I enjoy performing, and I love to sing.” said Rogers.