Reduce, Reuse, Inflate

Pollution Control

Reduce, Reuse, Inflate

Nick Butler, contributor

Pollution has obviously been a very big problem for a pretty long time. In my lifetime, there have been tragic events broadcasted from around the world; such as, oils spills, chemical combustions, and factory smoke. I never gave much thought to it while I was younger. I thought by reducing they meant to change home light bulbs and save your soda cans.


It wasn’t until I started searching for my first car that I realized how big of a problem pollution was. I wasn’t just focused on the leather interior and mean looking exterior of my first big purchase; I also wanted to do my part to help with the problem of pollution. With everything in mind, from the ozone layer falling apart before our eyes due to factory cities, to the ice caps melting because of global warming, I decided on a hybrid. Of course, I also wanted to save money on gas for new headlights and tail lights.


While some people are doing their part in reducing this problem (especially the teachers who give a 20-minute lecture when someone throws away a water bottle), putting aluminum, plastic, and cardboard in a big green bin can only help so much. Some don’t take this situation seriously enough at the moment, but when their seafood menu dwindles to nothing, maybe they’ll regret not switching to paperless bills. There are so many ways to prevent this from happening, and most are beyond easy.


For example, simply keeping tires on a car properly inflated could help pollution. Every single person in this town who drives can help subtract from the crisis just by stopping by a gas station. Nobody in Lebanon can say they don’t have the money for it, either. Break Time offers free air. Poorly aired tires cause the car to work harder, causing the amount of fuel used to get from Point A to Point B to rise, and then adds to the pollution even more. Not to mention they’ll have to get gas sooner.


It takes three minutes tops to inflate tires and another five to go into the gas station and get a Fudge Round or three. By making sure tires have air in them, people can reduce pollution and they get snack cakes. It’s honestly a win-win for everybody.