Blended Families

The story of how I became a part of a blended family

Mikayla Evans, contributor

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Blended families are not really ¨blended¨ at all. When the two parents get married, the new family does not always get along right away.


When I was one and a half years old my mother and father got a divorce. My father gained full custody of me and my mother went off the deep end. She surrounded herself with things that were not good for her and people that drug her down. My dad was a single parent of a one and a half-year-old at the age of 21.


My dad took great care of me. He always had me in mind for every decision he had to make. No matter what, my dad would always take care of me. After a few years, he had a girlfriend that made a huge impact on my life. One day she was gone. I was at daycare when my dad came to pick me up, he normally had her with him, but this time she wasn’t there. I asked, “Where is Jamie?” and my dad responded with, “She had to leave.” Yet again, it was just my dad and I.


We had a fun time together! We would play in the backyard with one of those big balls from Walmart, race around the house, shoot our bows, in the summer we would play in the water and plant a small garden. One night my dad asked if I would want to move back to Lebanon to be closer to grandma and grandpa, and I said yes.


It was Mother’s Day and we had come down to Lebanon to go to church with my grandma. There was a woman singing on the stage at church, and that woman’s mother was sitting by my grandma. At the end of the service, the two mothers traded their children’s phone numbers. On October 3rd my dad gets a phone call from someone he had not talked to since high school. That was when Mike, my father, and Jodi, my now stepmom, started to date.


Eventually, my dad and I moved to Lebanon. Jodi had a son named Brady who was 4 years younger than me. We would play together, but it wasn’t very fun because all he wanted to do was play with Legos. Jodi and Brady had started to come over more and more. I didn’t quite know what to think of it, but I figured it was good since my dad was happy.


A few years later my dad asked me if I would be okay with him asking Jodi to marry him. It was scary for me to think that this woman would be my dad’s wife and the person that was supposed to be my new “mom.” Even though I never really remembered having a mom I still wanted to have that relationship.


On October 17th, 2011 my dad married Jodi. The wedding was held at a hotel in Arkansas, and Brady and I were both in the wedding. It was beautiful, but even that day I was finding it a little hard to have to “share”, my dad.


Fast forward about 3 years when I am 13. Jodi and I did not get along. We bickered all the time and when we hung out it would often end with a fight. It wasn’t completely my fault nor was it always her fault. We just didn’t get along. When it came to Brady and my dad, Brady didn’t want anything to do with what my dad wanted to do for fun. Brady wasn’t interested in hunting or shooting guns at the time, but he liked to go fishing which was something that they could bond over.


When two people get married that already have kids with someone else, that is called a “blended” family. Everyone says they are a blended family as if you can put all of the different parts of the new family in a blender and turn it on then everything is perfect. That is absolutely wrong. It’s more like you put all of the different parts in a crock pot and let them get used to each other. It takes a long time to get a blended family to the point where they can work well together.