Back to the Pitch

Soccer season is back and the team has something to prove


Onyx Carroll

Senior Dillon Baker guards a player during the game against Dixon on September 6th. The Jackets won 6-0.

Something great is bound to happen when there is a team with high potential and hard work. This year the soccer team is back, only losing 4 seniors, and bringing in another promising freshman class. The new players are ready to work and so are the returning players, but everyone is working to win. The team is all on the same page and have one common goal in mind\; to win.

“Our team goal is pretty much like every other team. Do our best to win our games and have fun in the process,” said junior Zach Richards.

This year the soccer team is only missing one varsity returner and keeping almost the same team as last year, letting the returners have better team chemistry and understanding. The team will have better teamwork and be able to win more games.

“I feel like this year our team work will be far better than last season because we’ve all grown both as soccer players and friends,” Richards said.

The soccer team has been growing in skill and as friends. A lot of things have changed from last year and a new winning mentality that was not always there last year.

“A lot of team bonding, having fun, and winning,” said sophomore Mathew Hilton after being asked what he is excited about in his second season.

As in every season there are days players would want back. There are days when the team doesn’t practice or push themselves as hard as they need to.

“I’m going to push myself every practice and game harder and harder,” said Hilton when asked what he is going to change about this season from last.

Not only will Matthew be working harder, the whole team will. Everyone has one goal in mind and that goal is to win and get better and with the season so close to starting the excitement is setting the team on fire. There is no way to predict a season, but the team has some ideas of how this season will be different from last years.

“We’re going to be better than last year,” said senior Ethan Murray.

Ethan isn’t the only person who believes that this year is going to be better. The whole team does and they believe it wholeheartedly. Sadly, this year is the last year before a strong class of seniors leave the team, but leave with some advice for the incoming freshman class.

“Work hard everyday no matter what,” said Murray.

The advice short, sweet, but effective and exactly that will help the soccer team continue improving and get to the success they are working for. It is advice from an experienced, team player who wants the best for the soccer program in the future and wants to see success come from his hard work he is doing to help the upcoming class. This might mean staying after practice, practice after practice, or just getting extra tips and advice from the coaches. Some players will be playing other sports to get more athletic to help with soccer and get a better understanding of sports in general. All in all, the team is working hard no matter what they do.

“I’m going to miss hanging out with my friends,” said Murray when asked what he will miss most about soccer season. The Jackets soccer team is ready to show up and show everyone what they are all about. They are ready to face opposition and show everyone they can come out on top. There are ready to make history.