It’s Time For Football

The Lebanon football team has a strong senior and junior class looking for their third district title in a row


Becca White

After countless hours of work and dedication during the summer, the time has come. It’s the beginning of the Lebanon Yellowjackets football season. After losing in the state quarterfinals last year, they are working harder to go back to state. The community is expecting great results this year, and the players are determined to work as hard as they possibly can to succeed.

The football team has strong returning juniors and seniors. They have won back-to-back district titles, and are looking to do the same this year. Although they have experience in some places, they lack experience in others.

“The biggest difference in our o-line is the lack of experience. We have 3 starters yet to be named because they have little to no game time. The only starters named are returning seniors Cole Godwin, and Mason Devasure who are 3-year starters,” said Coach Garett Wade.

With little experience comes great potential. Coach Wade, and the rest of the coaching staff, make it their goal to help new players grow and step up to fill the starting positions.

“To help players reach new heights, and as close to their potential as possible,” Wade said. “To win every winnable game, and not overlook any opponents. Also, stay alive in the postseason, and win our third straight title. Furthermore, I would like to go onto state, and go farther than we ever have.”

Players being at their highest potential helps them not only work as a team but also helps them win games. Coach’s expectations also can put a lot of pressure and responsibility on certain players.

“That you are responsible while having the role as team captain, and that people look up to you,” said Devasure.

Having the role of the team captain is a big role. Having the responsibility to have that role is huge, but also have to be a team player, and know what’s best. Every player on the team has a goal for the team.

“To make it farther than any other team in school history,” Davasure said.

Having goals is what makes the team want to work harder every day and get better. With team goals, there are also personal goals.

“To make all Ozark conference,” said Devasure.

The players and staff have big goals for themselves during the season. To meet these goals they are preparing themselves each week for the team they have to play that Friday night, whether its home or away.