The Life of a Football Player

Insight of what a football player's day looks like.


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Football is a sport that requires much skill and physicality. Not just anyone can step on the field and be a superstar.

The tradition in the Lebanon football program every year is that seniors vote on team captains. Senior Jordan Lewis has received the most votes and was the first team captain out of four to be picked.

“It was an honor to know that my teammates think of me as a big enough leader to give me this role,” said Lewis.

Lewis’s favorite part about coming back to school is that fall is here and so is football season. When the season begins, Lewis has some very big roles that startup. Lewis will stay on top of his grades, as well as leading the jackets to a win every Friday night. Ever since the age of five, Lewis has played football with tons of passion. A big part of a game on a Friday night is the student swarm, without them the atmosphere wouldn’t be the same.

“Students in the swarm should be very loud and crazy throughout the whole game,” said Lewis.

It’s not just football players who look forward to Friday nights when coming back to school. Many adults and students will go to the football games on Friday nights to get stuff off their mind, have a good time, and enjoy the game. After a long week at school, students will go on a Friday night to have some fun, not having to worry about school for the rest of the week. More students will show up to the first few football games than any of the rest of the year. The reason behind this is because when school starts back up, the days feel super long because students are still in a summer mindset.

“When you are on the field and you look up into the stands, it makes you work that much harder,” said Lewis.

The football team has worked out all summer long to prepare for this season, as well as going to many camps. The main camp we go to over the summer is a Northwest Missouri State University, where players get to go against many different teams they won’t face during the season.

The jackets open up week one at Kickapoo in Springfield, Mo. Last year this was not the most difficult game, as Kickapoo did not have many seniors. Last year the jackets made it to the state quarterfinals, but that was not good enough. This year the jackets are determined to make it to the state championship and bring home a ring.

“I am very excited to get on the field and dominate this season,” said Lewis.