First Day Impressions

My thoughts and opinions about the first day of school


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First Day Impressions
My thoughts and opinions about the first day of school
By: Jacob Slavens

The seniors rushed to the Jacket Swarm section while the juniors and sophomores adjusted to find their new seats. Moments later, the new freshmen slowly entered the gym through the tunnel of cheerleaders and cheered on by their upperclassmen.

The first day of school was a fresh start for many students at Lebanon High School. For others, it was an exciting start for their last year of school. But, most of the students were returning to school after a long summer break, ready for the school year ahead of them. My experience during this year’s first day of school was a good one. I got to see many of my friends again, and it was a pretty easy day.

There were club sign-ups and many students got their yearbooks from the previous school year. The club sign-ups were in one of the gyms, and the staff set up tables around the gym, where the students could sign up for whichever club they wanted. Some of the clubs that the students could sign up for included Foreign Language Club, a gaming club, and even an anime club. In my opinion, I feel like I should’ve signed up for a club, and other students should too, so I could feel more involved in school activities. Before the students went to club sign-ups and other activities, we had the yearly Strong Day Assembly.

One of the traditions the high school has is the yearly Strong Day Assembly on the first day of school. The Strong Day Assembly is about stepping up and getting ready for the school year, along with a guest speaker. At the beginning of the assembly, our principal, Kevin Lowery, gave a speech to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Then the students went to their correct sections in Boswell Auditorium, and the cheerleaders made a tunnel to welcome the new freshman to the school.

Soon after the students got adjusted to their new seats, the principal gave us another speech and then the guest speaker came out. The guest speaker was a comedian named Steve Bollar, also known as StandTallSteve, and was very funny. In my opinion, I enjoyed Strong Day because it felt very positive and was entertaining. Also, there were cheers and games that the students could participate in. One of the games that the students played at the assembly was a morning routine relay race, with 2 teams of around 50 people, racing to go through a morning routine before the other team. Afterward, the different grades split up to go to the other activities stated earlier and then got to see our teachers.

My favorite part of the day was meeting my teachers and seeing my fellow classmates. I had a couple of teachers that I had last year, but most of my teachers were ones I haven’t met. The teachers introduced themselves and some even talked about their personal lives, but the classes were very short, so the day went by pretty quickly. Most of the teachers also handed out syllabuses to their students about what they needed for that class.

In conclusion, the first day of school was full of excitement and the start of something new for many. My first impression of this school year is that I feel this year will be a great one. I’m excited for this year because I’m ready to gain more knowledge that can help me move forward in school. My hopes for this year are to get good grades and possibly make new friends along the way.