Students at Work

Getting Your Priorities Straight

School is like a community where many different people can get together and learn. Most people know, high school is a very diverse place so everyone has a place somewhere. As students get older, they will realize that one way they’re all connected is by working.

Some students have different activities outside of school, like\; work, band, sports, and other activities, while others, just do school. Junior Rebecca Veach sure seems to have her priorities straight.

“To be honest, I can’t afford to cut down my hours. I have things to pay for, but school is more important. If I start to fail my classes my parents would definitely make me quit my job, but luckily, I do all of my homework on band rehearsal days because I don’t work on those days. My job gives me time for school, and band,” said Veach.

Veach is a very committed student and plans to go to med school. Although she would like to just focus on her school work Veach has bills such as her phone bill to pay each month. This teaches her responsibility. Junior Sophia Alexander believes school is number one.

“I think it’s good to use your time wisely. Many students like myself aren’t obligated to have money, and I’m planning on going to college so it’s important to focus on school,” said Alexander.

She plans on going to college and majoring in the arts or business. Students such as Alexander, who don’t need a job, prefer to focus on school and their future education. Dakota Risinger, Lebanon High School junior, balances work, school, and band quite well. Risinger’s job works around his strict school schedule.

“It might seem kind of odd, but I don’t really wish to have more hours at work. My job works around my school work and band,” said Risinger.

Risinger only works on weekends, giving him time to work on school work, and other after school activities. He plans on going to California to study at an art school.

Ryan Davis, who is now 32, is General Manager at Sonic where he has worked since he was 14-years-old. He encourages students to work while they’re young so it’ll teach them time management and responsibility.

“I don’t think working during school is bad. I have worked since I was young, and it really teaches you how to be organized and a leader. My favorite thing about my job is being able to interact with people in the workforce. It takes a lot of drive and responsibility. One thing that I dislike about employees having to have strict schedules for school is that it’s hard to get people to cover shifts and fill in the empty spots,” said Davis.

From a manager’s perspective, it seems like students who work have to have drive and determination in order to succeed in both school and work.

Each student has their own story, own motive, and own thoughts.