mixed emotions

A Freshman's Point of View on the First Day of High School

Walking in, freshman Gracie Uder’s heart started beating faster and faster, she was scared, nervous, and excited all in one. “Where do I go first?” she thought to herself as she looked around the loud halls full of new people. Curiously searching the halls, she hoped she would be able to find a friend from years before.

The first day of school is always nerve-wracking for incoming freshmen. It’s a new place, and everyone feels different emotions. Uder wondered if she would have friends in her classes and who would have the same lunch as her.

“On the first day of school, as I was walking in, I felt so many different emotions, I was kinda feeling scared, but excited all at the same time,” Uder said.

Nervous about making new friends, and whether she would be able to make her way around the school in time. Would she remember her way to all of her classes? So many different questions running through her head. She was now part of the youngest group in the school.

“Coming to the high school was exciting even if I was nervous for some stuff. I was super excited to be on the high school tennis team, but I am also nervous about what the other players will think of me. I was excited to make new friends, and become a part of different clubs and groups,” Uder said.

The newest to the team, Uder was scared of how she would be treated. She was nervous about how the season will turn out, and how well she would do. Joining a sport in high school during Freshman year is exciting but risky at the same time. Hoping no one will laugh when they mess up, or make fun of them because they aren’t “the best.” Making new friends can also be hard, but with all the different clubs and groups at the high school, it can be pretty simple.

“The first day definitely went a lot better than I was thinking it was going too. I thought I would get lost and not know where to go. I was kinda nervous on how my teachers would be, if they were going to be nice, or were they going to be kinda mean?” Uder said.

Sometimes the thought of going to a new, bigger school can make students a little nervous, but really it is nothing bad, or hard. Coming to the High School from the Middle School is definitely a big change, but Uder is tackling it with a positive attitude.

“I met some new friends on the first day though. Everyone here was very welcoming and very friendly,” Uder said.