New Faces of LHS

Building up the Swarm

LHS may be the same old school with the same students as the year before, but there are a few new faces joining the swarm.

Ashvi Patel came from India and is now in Lebanon, Missouri. She enjoys the school so far compared to her last one.

“So much different from this school, cause that school they took like $1000 from that school’s fees and here it’s free so that’s different for me,” said sophomore Ashvi Patel.

Every school is unique, whether it’s the dress code, the days that school is in session, etc. Most students who transfer end up liking the new ways of schooling and how things are run. Patel loves it at the high school and especially the classes. Too many students take their education for granted and the privileges that come with it.

“My old school was open on Saturdays, too, so we had to go to study on Saturdays. Here Saturday is a day off so that’s also a difference,” said Patel.

Those who come from out of the country or even different towns are grateful in some way, but there are the few who won’t receive what they are anticipating for. This, however, is different for Patel. Patel is a relatively happy and respectful student, who students will fall in love with her personality. Patel wants to grow up to be an engineer but is still unsure of which branch. She also wishes to further her education down the road.

“Yeah, I like math, PE, English, you know every single class,” Patel said when asked about what she likes most about her classes.