United we are Strong

The Events of the Strong Day Assembly and Activities


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United we are Strong
The events of the Strong Day Assembly and activities

The time has come for the freshman class. Their learning careers have been leading them to this moment. This is their chance to prove themselves and make their mark at LHS. Everything they have achieved and overcome has gotten them here and now they have the privilege of being able to reach their full academic potential.

The entire student body was gathered in Boswell Gym on August 14 for a pep assembly. The freshmen were greeted by the sophomores, juniors, and seniors with a standing ovation.The pep assembly had everything from games to a motivational speaker. All students were able to be involved and a part of the assembly’s events. The purpose of this assembly was to create an exciting and enthusiastic beginning to the new school year.

“My favorite part about the assembly was how upbeat and excited everyone was to be back at LHS. The energy in the gym was amazing,” said freshman Libbee Hays.

The activities that occurred at the assembly motivated students about the year that lies ahead. These activities included a motivational speaker, Steven A. Bollar, or otherwise known as ‘Stand Tall’ Steve. Bollar talked about his incredible height and how he had always tried to fit in instead of being different and being his own person. He gave a motivational speech to the student body that described how to be their own person and be proud of who they are. He also led many activities such as relay races and other competitions that had students running up and down the court.

“Yeah, I think Stand Tall Steve was a good speaker and he kept the audience attentive. It made me feel empowered and encouraged about starting the school year,” said Hays.

The student council held many activities for the student body as well. The first of these events was trivia. The student body along with some staff members were challenged with Jeopardy questions ranging from mathematics to pop culture facts. One of the following events was a lip sync battle. Students were chosen from each grade to come down to the floor and bust out their best singing moves to random popular songs. The trophy was taken home by the senior class.

“Yeah, I thought the lip sync battle was funny to watch. My favorite part was the senior group because they did the most,” said sophomore Andrew Dent.

Before the pep assembly, the freshman class was greeted by student council members in Carr Gym to get them ready for the big stage in Boswell Gym. The members of the student council informed the crowd on what the high school experience would be like for them including the ups, the downs, and the many new friends and relationships they would create. The freshman class also participated in many cheers that had them screaming at the top of their lungs. They had to be warmed up and ready to go against the upperclassmen in Boswell Gym. The loudest section of the class was awarded with prize patrol which was where student council members would throw candy out to them.

“The student council members were very welcoming. They made me feel energized and excited to be a yellowjacket,” said Hays.