New Drivers

Sophomores at Lebanon High School take their Drivers Test

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New Drivers





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New Drivers
Sophomores at Lebanon High School take their drivers test
By Chase Moore

Sophomore year has finally arrived, which means there will be many new drivers out on Missouri roads.

Several students at Lebanon High School are waiting anxiously to get their driver’s license. Taking your driver’s test is usually your first step to growing up and becoming an adult. I personally was nervous about this day, but I was also very ready. I was excited to be able to drive on my own. Karyssa Mack is a sophomore at Lebanon High School. She received her license early in August.

“Yes, I was nervous, because it’s a passageway to freedom and I wanted that freedom,” said Mack.

Some of the instructors are known to be rude, intimidating, mean, or even scary. My instructor was very sweet, understanding, and kind. Mack also seemed to agree with me.

“My instructor was older, and made me feel calmer,” said Mack.

Other new drivers had different feelings about having the privilege to drive. Karagan Bean, a sophomore at Lebanon High School, is one of the other new drivers at LHS.

“I was very excited to get my license, so I could go to the places I wanted and get there on time,” said Bean.

Bean agreed that her instructor was kind and did not have any of the stereotypical characteristics that some are known to have. Although, she mentioned how her instructor was pretty strict.

“She was very nice, she kept a blank face the whole time, and she didn’t tell me how I did until the test was over,” said Bean.

Parents of these new drivers have mixed emotions about their students being able to drive. Shane Moore, my father, and a police officer for the city of St. Robert, took me to my driver’s test in Camdenton Missouri.

“I was both excited and nervous for you to take your drivers test,” Moore said, “I was nervous because I know how dangerous it is to drive the roadways.”

While I was taking my test another student at Lebanon High School was also taking their test. The student did not pass. I know I would be very upset if I had failed, and I am sure he was upset too.

“I had no doubt that you would pass because you are an extremely responsible and careful driver,” said Moore.

Moore also answered that he was excited, as was I. My father had to do a lot of running me around places, especially within this past couple of months. So me getting my license has really helped him and much more of my family on time and gas.

“I was excited for you because I no longer have to run you around, and I remember what it was like turning sixteen and getting my license, so I was excited for you,” said Moore.

My experience with the driver’s test was very nerve-wracking. I had heard beforehand from my peers not to go to Camdenton because all the instructors were very mean and would fail you just for fun. However, that was not how it was for me, and I even missed a couple of turns that the instructor asked me to go on. All in all, my take of the driver’s test was fun and memorable.

“I enjoyed taking you, and watching you pass,” said Moore