Freshmen Experience

How the class of 2023 is feeling about the beginning of the new year.


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Many new students started going to the high school this year, most of those new students are freshmen. They are involved in different activities and classes which makes the transition into high school different for everyone.

“It’s been stressful with honors classes, but not as bad as I thought it would be. I am looking forward to track and I am dreading finals at the end of the semester,” said freshman Lexi Curl.

Freshman year can be stressful and some kids dread the change from the middle school to the high school. While the change can be exhausting, it can be fun and eventful.

“I’m going to be involved in cross country, track, and FFA. I am looking forward to meeting new people. My favorite thing from the first day of school was meeting my teachers and finding my new classes,” said Curl. “My favorite class has to be science because Mrs.Ghinelli is one of the best teachers I have ever had. The amount of people is definitely the biggest change from the middle school.”

Curl plans on staying busy with after school activities, sports, and honors classes. She has liked the move to a bigger school but finds the large amount of people stressful. Curl plans to stay involved but to mainly focus on her school work and sports.

“My year has been good so far, it’s not too hard and so I’ve liked it. You have more freedom in the high school. I play softball, basketball, and I am in FCA. I am looking forward to having good sports seasons,” said freshman Reagan McCowan.

Reagan is really liking the move to the high school. She liked the move because of the sports opportunities, clubs, and the new amount of freedom. McCowan plans on staying busy during the school year with sport practices, homework, and FCA. She is really looking forward to a good season.

“Dancing in the assembly for dream team was my favorite thing from the first day of school. My year has been pretty good so far, I had a hard time finding my classes but I found them the second day,” said freshman Makenna Lucas. “I think the class I am looking forward to the most is weights because all of my friends are in there. I plan on being involved in wrestling, dream team, and track. I am also looking forward to being with my friends and going to different places with them.”

Lucas is also liking the transition from the middle school to high school. She plans on being involved in many different sports and activities that will keep her busy especially on top of school work.

Many freshmen will be very busy with sports, clubs, and homework. Most freshmen have had a pretty good transition from middle school to the high school. Freshmen are looking forward to a great year with many memories. They are excited for new opportunities, friends, and classes and they are excited for what the future holds.