Step Up Assembly

It's a new school year, but the same old same.


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2019, the start of a new year. Freshmen are just starting their high-school career–Seniors are finishing it, but one thing remains the same for everyone, the first day of school.

The first day of school is very black and white, it’s either loved or hated. The first day at Lebanon High School is a little different than most schools. We don’t sit in a classroom all day, we don’t do pop quizzes, we take a different approach. We call it strong day, which includes assemblies, speakers, and sign-ups. At the end of the day, we still have to go to every class. The goal of strong day is to make everyone feel comfortable and accepted

“I personally hate the first day of school, I feel like we just waste our time,” said senior Tanner Roy.

The day starts off with students going to their flight time teachers for about forty minutes before they head to Boswell Auditorium to start the “Step Up” assembly, which will last around 2 hours.

“The step-up assembly is cool, but I mean, I’ve been doing it for four years. So I know what to expect and it just gets boring,” Roy said.

After the step-up ceremony, students move on to the guest speaker, who will talk for around an hour or two, usually a motivational speaker that has some big lesson and advice for you to walk away with.

“The speaker is my favorite part of the first day of school, every year it’s a new person, and usually they are really good,” Roy said.

When the speaker is over they move to Donnelly gymnasium and do club sign-ups, some of the clubs they can sign up for are\; NHS, Debate team, Student Council, Robotics, Anime club, ect..

“I am involved in NHS, Football, Track and Interact. Being involved is actually really fun and makes the years go by faster,” Roy said.

Once everyone signs up for the clubs that they want, they go back to Boswell Auditorium and get a lecture from advisors and the Principle, Kevin G. Lowery.

“The speech we get from Lowery and the advisors literally hasn’t changed in 4 years, but I mean I guess it’s good to keep reminding everyone of the rules,” Roy said.

After the advisors get done lecturing everyone, the students will head to class rotations. They will go to all seven classes in seventy minutes, so ten minutes per class.

“Going to every class for ten minutes is something I never really liked. You barely have enough time to take role and get situated, but it’s good in the sense that you get to see your class,” Roy said.

At 3:10 all the kids are dismissed and head home, unless you have practice, while the teachers stay and have meetings and get prepared for the “real” first day.

“Since I play football the first day of school literally seems to last forever, because I have practice after school until almost 7, but once you get past the first day everything falls into play and it becomes just another year,” Roy said.

All in all, the first day of school isn’t for everyone, but the fact of the matter is that it is in place to make things less stressful and confusing, so like it or not, Strong Day has been around for a while and isn’t going anywhere.