First Impressions

Teachers' Thoughts on Freshman


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First Impressions
Teachers’ Thoughts on Freshman

Each and every year at Lebanon High School a new wave of freshman come into the school. People say that the class of 2023 is the worst class yet, but do the freshman teachers feel the same?

“I adore them and everybody said they were awful and maybe I got two great classes but they’re great,” said freshman English teacher Ms. Felton.

Freshmen are in a transition period from middle school to high school and that can be very confusing and exciting, along with stressful. Many of the other teachers and upperclassmen think this year’s freshmen are the worst ones yet, but that may not be the case. Maybe they’re just misunderstood. Many of the freshman teachers think their students are great. Are they great or is that just because it’s the beginning of the year?

“I think they seem pretty normal for freshman students,” said freshman math teacher Mr. Schott.

Everyone just assumes they are immature and naive little kids but the fact of the matter is that the Freshman need room to grow and find who they are. If they are weird well then that’s okay, so were you probably when you were going through that stage. Everyone has their own personalities, patterns, ideas and creativity, It just needs to be channeled in a “different” manner.

Freshman will be freshman and there is nothing you can do about it. Coming into high school they will want to test the boundaries like all kids do and they will want to see what they can and can not get away with. So far into the year there are already a lot of freshmen in ISS, but mostly because of vaping. Maybe they are not as disciplined as the upperclassmen, although who is disciplined as much anymore, since it is the 20th century.

“If the problems show up in my room I’ll handle them like I would with any other group of students,” said Mr. Schott.

Most teens nowadays use social media as a way to communicate with friends and family, to showcase theirs lives and much more. Social media can be good and bad. Sometimes it forces people to think they have to do certain activities that are not ideal so that they fit in. Sometimes teens have a lot on their plate and they become stressed and they find the thing that gives them enjoyment. Many people find enjoyment in making people laugh and for teens that maybe making decisions that can get them in trouble.

Maybe the freshmen are not as disciplined as the upperclassmen. The freshmen have not had the time to develop relationships over the years as the upperclassmen have with the staff and admin. It takes time to build a relationship with their peers and the “role models” they interact and see around them everyday.