The start of a new year

The first day of school for Lebanon Freshman


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Freshman year is the start of a new beginning with a lot of changes. This year, August 14th, was the new start for freshmen and the rest of the high school. Mr. Lowry gave everyone a warm yellowjacket welcome which made everyone feel accepted. Freshman year is very scary and can make new freshmen feel nervous, even though they have nothing to worry about. High School is actually a fun and exciting place, with lots of new people.

The strong day assembly really made freshmen like Mason Nyman feel at home. Especially with the stepping up assembly, which is an assembly that symbolizes the start of a new year and everyone stepping up a grade. It starts with all the students sitting in the section of Boswell Auditorium designated to their grade the year before. Students followed Mr. Lowery’s instructions as they moved forward in sections and in grades to show the significance of another school year beginning.

“I didn’t like it at first but once the assembly started I actually didn’t hate it,” Nyman said.

This year Lebanon High School had a new guest speaker who had never been to jacket nation before. “Stand Tall Steve” made several jokes about constantly being confused for a professional athlete, while also sharing a message of positivity and self confidence.

“It’s really fun and lived up to expectations, the guest speaker made it a lot of fun,” said freshman Matthew Archer.

Many students saw friends they hadn’t seen for an entire summer. The first day all the classes got to spend time together and see each other, while touring the high school. They all got to share this experience together.

“My favorite part about high school is just seeing everyone I know and hanging out with my friends,” said freshman Libbee Hays.

The first day was an overall success that made freshmen feel welcome and accepted. It was very exciting and amusing thanks to Mr.Lowery and Stand tall Steve who both let everyone know how to treat others and be positive. It introduced everyone to the high school and staff.