Flight Time is Up in the Air

This Year, Flight time has gotten a bit of Makeover

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Flight Time is Up in the Air


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Around the beginning of the 2017 school year, the school implemented a new study hall-esque type of system that faintly had hints of the previous years’ version of Jacket Time. The difference was the function of the class, in which Flight time students are supposed to be learning things about life while there was less direction in Jacket time.

“The larger purpose of flight time is to learn soft skills that they don’t learn in traditional classes, as well as having a teacher they are connected to for all four years of high school,” said Ms. Perschall, Political Science teacher who has seniors in her flight time this year.

The 2019 school year’s flight time seems a bit more structured than previous years. While these years had a lack of structure, they did garner a lot of hours of study hall and connections with the fellowship of students. These relationships are forged here, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that students all like each other.

“I like some of the people in there, but some are somewhat ignorant of the larger topics that the teacher is discussing,” said senior Josie Null.

Even with the new structure, teachers and students have different opinions on how flight time should be used. For the first few weeks of flight, the teachers took students through a series of lessons on one of the biggest problems currently facing the school: vaping.

“I originally didn’t think that it would be effective, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear back from my flight time that it stopped some students from falling in,” said speech and debate teacher Mr. Overton.

However, some students don’t agree with the amount of time devoted to instruction during flight time. They feel that the time might be better spent discussing other topics, in study hall, or in club meetings.

“It’s a little excessive… maybe multiple days are a little much. One day would cover it,” said senior Rylan Ellis.