How Students are Getting Ready for Fall Sports

The Behind Scenes of the Beginning of Football Season

Preparation for Football Season
The Behind the Scenes of the Beginning of Football Season

Early practices, heavy lifting, and hardwork all in preparation for the upcoming football season.

Football season is the highlight of the year for many students. A lot of planning has been put into the start of the season, from both the coaches and the athletes. The work over the summer put in by the athlete pays off during the season, as most years our football team is very successful. Senior Jordan Lewis is one of these successful football players.

“To prepare we would come in throughout summer and we would have practices and lift weights to stay ready for the season. We practice everyday after school and strategize each week for the new opponents,” said Lewis.

The student section is a huge part of football season. The students in the section encourage the football players by showing team spirit. With a new theme every week students show off their wild outfits to support the athletes on the field. Not only do the students participating enjoy it, but the athletes do too.

“Seeing the student section helps the team and I a lot. They are always loudly cheering us on. The cool themes keep the night interesting. Late in the games you can always hear them and it keeps the team motivated and helps us keep playing hard on a close game,” Lewis said.

Each player personally puts in hard work to help them keep being successful, when the football team comes together it makes a great season. All the hard work and determination leads the team to victory.

“The work the team puts in makes a great season. I work out on my own, whether on the field or in the weight room. The past two years we have won district champions. This has come due to working hard throughout the summer and after school,” Lewis said

The performance shown by the football players in their games is determined by the effort they put in over the summer. All the work and training the players put in before the fall starts helps out for a winning season. As the season has progressed the teams have gotten more difficult. This Friday the football team will be put to the test as they play our school rival, Camdenton.

“I feel very confident in this upcoming game against Camdenton…this game is important to us as the whole community comes out to support our team. I think the swarm plays a very big role at our games. This past Friday during the West Plains game, the swarm was louder than ever. Hearing everyone cheering us on keeps us motivated,” Lewis said.