What its Like to be in Band

The Life as a Marching Band Member

What it’s Like to be in Marching Band
The Life as a Marching Band Member

Left, left, left, right, left. Drag step hutt lift. Mark time hutt and… As Robbie Wadley is marching his fundamentals and sets for his last show, he’s processing everything that is going to happen this season, his last season.

Competitions are what the band prepares for most, but football games are a big deal too. They perform at halftime for every home football game and they do the National Anthem for pre-game. The LHS marching band has been very successful in the past several years, winning competitions left and right.

There are 180 marching band students involved in this year’s season. The 2019 show features songs such as “Mars and Jupiter, Hey Jude, Eleanor Rigby, and a selection of a Queen Melody. Involving We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody, and Another Bites the Dust .”

“I’m absolutely terrified, but also I made it so that’s exciting,” said senior Robbie Wadley.

The students in marching band have enjoyed and will enjoy their time on the field. All the students in the marching band do it because it is exciting. They also do it because it is a way to stay involved in a school activity. Wadley has enjoyed every year of marching band. He has put a lot of his time into the marching band along with school and work. His dedication to the marching band is really impressive.

“Um.. on a scale of 1 to apples it’s an orange, but on a more serious note I love being in band,” said Wadley.
Band students come to practice every morning before school starts at 7 in the morning. Not many students like getting up that early, but they enjoy the memories they get to make with other band members. There are always likes and dislikes in this extracurricular activity. Some band students like the behind the scenes part that no one knows about. Some like the inside jokes that are made. The band always grows closer by the end of the season. Every band student plays a different role and when it all comes together you could say they are like a team, but with instruments instead of a ball.

“I like when everything comes together its just awesome,” said Wadley

This year the band will compete in three competitions. They will compete at Valhalla on October 5th, Reeds Spring on October 12th and Carthage on October 19th. Carthage is one of the biggest competitions because there is a big parade they compete in as well as the actual competition.

According to Wadley, band is very enjoyable to anyone who participates. It is easy to tell that band students enjoy the time they get to spend with their “instrument family.” Marching band is an experience like never before, even if they have to get up and practice at 7 am.

“Who’s the best band? LEBANON, LEBANON, LEBANON!!” said Mr. Stewart and the band students.