America the Feuding: Impeaching Donald Trump

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America the Feuding: Impeaching Donald Trump

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By: Braxton Myers

Recently, Democrats have fired on all cylinders toward Trump about his current scandal with the President of Ukraine. What allegedly happened was that the President used his political authority, in the form of $400 million in military aid, to muscle the country of Ukraine into giving up dirt on Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House (D), announced last Tuesday an impeachment inquiry, which will give official authority to pursue an investigation against Trump on the matter. Though, will this political maneuver give democrats any benefit at all? 

Here comes the disappointing news: It won’t. 

Impeachment will not give the democratic party an upper hand, but will instead hurt the Democrats in extreme margins. The reasoning for this is simply because of the timing of this action, as we are about to reach an election year. Pelosi’s wait for “knowing the facts” has kind of made things difficult for the Democratic Party. This hesitance to officially put weight behind the inquiry has left us only 13 months until the 2020 election. That puts so much at stake. 

This political move comes as all seats in the House of Representatives and 34 of the 100 seats in the Senate are up for grabs, so Democrats can’t sleep at the wheel. If Democrats want to keep the house, they have to keep all eyes on the ball, but this election also gives Democrats the opportunity of gaining a majority in the Senate. As of recently, Mitch McConnell (R), Senate Majority Leader, has neglected to let sensible issues like election security or the controversial gun control measures to even be debated on the floor. This can all change with just 6 votes in the right direction (as there are 45 Democrats in Senate) for the Democrats in 2020. If they play their cards right, Dems could get both houses.

The timing in the actual case wouldn’t even make sense. Let’s look back at the famous Nixon impeachment when it took 11 months for only the resolutions of impeachment to come out, not counting an inquiry much less. So even if Trump does get impeached, we are either looking at a presidency in which it leaves the job to Vice President Mike Pence (which can maybe be even worse for Democrats) or leaving the job to the next Democratic candidate which will render this entire process worthless because by then it will be the time of election. 

Another angle that Democrats can see this inquiry as, is the opportunity to smear Trump’s presidency while he’s on the campaign trail. This mirrors a lot of what Trump did in the 2016 election by smearing Hilary Clinton with the ‘email’ scandals. Although, we also have to remind ourselves, will this stick? Trump has proven time and time again that he can take on the controversy, in fact, it goes as far as to help him. What controversy creates is a field in which he controls the narrative and strengthens his supporters. Sounds weird right? For example, he goes out on the campaign trail and there’s a live report that he ran over someone with an eighteen-wheeler. He would spin this around, say that it’s the “fake news”, and gain supporters because Trump can convince people that they are going against the big, bad media conglomerates and the higher-ups. He even said that he could shoot somebody in the middle of the street and get away with it.

So here’s my advice for Liberals that are Gung-ho about impeachment: Stop. Save your bets, pick your battles. This next election will be deciding the fate of the party for the next few years.

By: Erin O’Brien

For months now, President Donald Trump has been taunting Democrats trying to get them to bite down on the bite that is impeachment. With a meager year until the election, the Democrats have decided to do just that. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, announced that there will be a formal impeachment inquiry against Trump for actions against the U.S. This decision came after news of a phone call that Donald Trump had with the Ukraine government discussing the investigation of Democratic frontrunner, Joe Biden. There has been no evidence that Biden has done anything, come up as of yet. Nancy Poloski took this as a very personal threat against the democratic party. With news of the impeachment inquiry, both sides are tugging back and forth trying to make the polls swing there way. What exactly this means for Democrats and Republicans is very unclear.

Starting from the beginning:

Mid-July, President Donald Trump made a phone call to Ukraine urging to open an investigation on Joe Biden, immediately after the phone call ended it was moved to a highly classified computer system which severely restricted who could view it. The person who issued the complaint about this phone call has now been dubbed the whistleblower and is being kept under protection or fear of safety. There has been news of a 50,000 dollar bounty supposedly put out on the saif whistleblower. This puts Trump in a bad light as it is starting to seem as if he is behind some of the threats. Trump argues that he should be able to face his accuser and know his name. With news of the phone call, democrats put in the impeachment inquiry. Now Democrats are trying to figure out what their next move will be, while Donald Trump is busy tweeting about the unfairness he is being treated with. Trump has gone so far to say, “he’s been treated the worst out of any president, ever!” That’s obviously far from the fact considering the U.S has had presidents assassinated for their political beliefs. Some people are trying to find Trump’s reasoning on lashing out against democrats when he has been trying to get them to move towards impeachment. 

What Happens Now?

Many experts are saying that this political brawl could go one of two ways, The democratic party falls in power, or they rise. This could very well destroy the democrats’ chances at the 2020 election as Trump has been known for nursing controversial topics to his advantage. Looking back at Nixon’s impeachment it took 11 months just to get anything started after the inquiry and it still fell through in the end. The actual impeachment isn’t going to happen by the election. The democrats put in the inquiry so they could bring more dirt on Trump to the public eye and find something worth impeachment. For years the power has bounced back and forth between the two parties and things don’t seem as if they are going to stray much from that. Change is going to happen in the U.S very soon and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. In all reality, votes don’t matter and neither do opinions because the person calling the shots at the end of the day is a lot higher up on the pay-grade than your average American. 

By Erin O’Brien and Braxton Myers
In a basic sense, the future of the presidency affects everyone. Including our school systems, our jobs, and the economy, so we as future leaders and community members need to start paying more attention to what’s happening in the world around us. Positions in government are constantly changing and young people don’t pay enough attention to who’s in charge. Making sure that we have knowledge of the values and morals of our leader is important to a free America.