The Class of 2020

How Seniors at LHS Feel About Graduating in 2020


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The Class of 2020
How Seniors at LHS Feel About Graduating in 2020

The anticipation has been building around this moment for years. Seniors at Lebanon High School have been working harder than ever to walk across the stage and receive their diploma at the close of the 2019-2020 school year.

Students who attend Lebanon High School are pushed to be the very best students they can possibly be. They are given many opportunities that if taken, can help them to prepare for the real world. These opportunities include programs like the GOCAPS program, career courses taken at the Lebanon Technology and Career Center, dual-credit courses and many other things. Senior Madelyn Frederick is taking advantage of some of these opportunities this year.

“[GOCAPS is] a program that has helped me get out into the community and make connections which is a nice thing to have. It’s very professional and I have met so many new people through the program already. I’m excited to see where this leads me,” said Frederick.

Even though LHS has helped Frederick and many other seniors prepare for the future, some seniors are still nervous about the transition. Senior Grant Weaver is among some of the students who are feeling a little less than ecstatic to be graduating this year.

“I’m nervous that I won’t take time to slow down and enjoy myself. Everything seems so crazy and stressful that I feel so rushed to apply to colleges and get the ACT score I want. I’m just worried I’ll forget to stop and smell the roses,” said Weaver.

Although a few of these students are nervous about what is to come, countless of them are beyond excited to spread their wings and fly out in the real world. The future is truly in their hands, and some students here at Lebanon High School are taking full advantage of that. Senior Adrienne Kremer is one of these students.

“I have looked forward to this for forever but it’s going to be such a weird thing to do. I think it will work out and I’m beyond excited to start this new chapter of my life,” said Kremer.

As the year progresses, the overwhelming truth that the LHS class of 2020 is leaving will set in. Kids who have lived the entirety of their lives in this small town of fewer than 15,000 people will leave to start their own lives. Most of these kids will not soon forget the experiences and opportunities that this close-knit community has brought to them. No matter the path these students take, the Lebanon R-III School District has prepared them well.