The Story of the Dress

Karagan Bean wears a dress made by her Great-Great-Grandmother


Left: Karagan Bean poses at the TALES Assembly wearing the dress that her great-great-grandmother made. Right: Karagan’s great-great-grandmother, Pearl Fox, wearing the same dress 20 years ago.

Jewelry, homes, Fabergé eggs, artwork, and even the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe are all family heirlooms that are handed down and treasured through many generations. For Karagan Bean, this special item is a dress made by her great-great-grandmother, Pearl Fox.

Karagan Bean is a sophomore who received the TALES award at the assembly on Friday, October 4th. This was her first year receiving the award and her grandmother wanted her to wear the dress that her great-great-grandmother had made years ago. The dress is a simple light blue dress with a belt made of the same material. The dress buttons up at the top and has a cute peter pan style collar.

“ it happened was that I tried on a bunch of dresses and I really didn’t like them. I got that dress and tried it on. I liked how it looked and I went with that one,” Bean said.

Her great-great-grandmother always made her own clothes and would make clothes whenever she had money to buy fabric. This dress has been worn by many generations of Bean’s family ever since her great-great-grandmother made it. Her great-great-grandmother also made all of her children’s clothes She made all of their belts and even their coats.

“It’s really cool because no one does that anymore\; it’s not very common. She made everybody’s clothes from scratch, and it has lasted this long and has been passed down through generations and has been kept in good condition,” said Bean.

This dress means a lot to Bean because it was made by her great-great-grandmother who she never got to meet. To her, this is a way to connect with her great-great-grandmother even if it is only through the history of the dress.

“It’s an heirloom and it’s a piece of her that’s been passed down through generations and it’s a really cool thing that we still have it and it’s a part of our family and that can wear it and fit into it,” Bean said.