Shopping With Style

LHS students rocking the new trends


Emily Waterman

Junior, Emily Brown is wearing one of her many shirts she thrifted with black jean shorts and white and black vans.

Emily Waterman
Taylor Headley is wearing twisted X’s, jeans, and a t- shirt. She feels good and comfortable in the outfit that she is wearing.

Back to school new styles. Coming back to school means new clothes and new styles. When looking for the hottest style people look for bold colors, comfortable but not lazy looking. When coming to a new school there’s all types of styles you can have. They range anywhere from, apples on a dress to a zebra print that only certain people can pull off.

“When I look at all the new clothing styles, my favorite is thrifting. When I go thrifting I look for style,” said junior Emily Brown.

Brown’s style is very unique to her. She doesn’t follow other’s style. She makes her own style and feels confident in it. Maybe along the way someone else will like her style, and try to make it custom to them.

“What I look for when shopping is comfortable clothes but not ugly,” said junior Taylor Headley.

Headley likes wearing what makes her feel unique. On a normal day Headley wears twisted X’s with a simple t-shirt. Nothing that is bright or uncomfortable to her.She likes clothes that fit her style and they way she looks.

“I don’t like wearing clothes that are big and flashy. I like my comfy, but nice looking shoes. I don’t like wearing shirts that are tight on me because I would like to breathe,” said Headley.

Being in the High School, there are a variety of many different styles. The styles can arrange from Goth to VSCO. It’s not just about what you wear but about how you feel wearing it. Styles change with the mood that you’re in. One day you could come to school with bright and bold colors. The next day all black. The way you feel is going to change what you wear.

“When I wake up and don’t feel like it I don’t put any effort into my outfit. But if I wake up feeling good and ready to start the day then I will put effort into my outfit,” said Headley.

Waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on anything that comes your way, is a great way to start your day. Starting a day with a positive attitude and a very stylish outfit to make the whole day better. When a day starts off with a missed alarm and greasy hair, the last thing you want is to dress up for a boring day at school.

“On a normal day I wear graphic t-shirt with jean shorts and vans that match my outfit. I go thrift shopping for graphic T’s so I’m not spending fifty to one hundred dollars on a shirt I will only wear a couple of times. I save a lot of money and I get to make my own style without realizing it. I have confidence in what I wear. If somebody doesn’t like my outfit then I just act like I don’t hear them,” said Brown.