Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes of Strong Day

Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes of Strong Day

Strong day is a yearly tradition that has been going on for seven years. It welcomes the incoming freshman into the school to show them school pride and what LHS is about. Although it is a yearly tradition, not a lot is known about what goes on behind the scenes.

The student council is the force behind the scenes. The executives work hard to help run student council and make sure everything comes together. Being the leaders can be stressful and it takes a lot of organization and communication skills.

“It was really nerve-racking at first, but I have such a great team with my co-executives, Adrienne and Riley. They do a great job of spreading the workload out and really getting things done. I know that leading is something I’m very passionate about and something I take pride in and enjoy, so getting the opportunity to be apart of the first day of school is something I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to do,” said senior executive president Grant Weaver.

Student council started planning for Strong Day at the end of last year. Making the first day of school inviting and inclusive for everyone is the main focus for everyone involved.

“I think it’s a good high school experience for them to come in the first day and not have a bad, scary day since everybody is in the same boat and they’re not just the one freshman to be scared they get to be with all 440 freshmen that are a little scary…I think being an executive this year is a good learning opportunity for all of us, especially since in the past none of us have been in big office positions before,” said Adrienne Kreamer, senior executive vice president.

Strong day is a big opportunity to get used to high school life

“Strong Day is a day where everyone gets excited to be back at school, we focus on that we’re all basically one family or one Jacket Nation together,” student council advisor Mrs. Richardson said.

Speakers on Strong Day usually have a powerful message to share. This year the speaker, Steven Bollar, spoke about standing tall. The speakers are chosen from events that stu-co has gone to and are given to principal Mr. Kevin Lowery to sign off on.

“Most of the time we find speakers from Stu-co events we have attended; we never brought in someone we haven’t seen,” Richardson said.

Mrs. Riggs is also an administrator of the student council with Mrs. Richardson. This was her first year helping with student council

”Hearing about Strong Day from my own girls that go to Lebanon High School, they say it’s a really cool way to make sure all students feel a part of LHS,” said Riggs.

Mr. Lowery has always been a big part of Lebanon high school. He has been at Lebanon High School for twelve years and has been doing strong day for seven of those years.

“The first day of the school year is the best day of the year, because we get to continue our tradition of having our Strong Day program. Where we have students step up to the next grade level, we welcome freshmen to our school it’s a great tradition that we started several years ago. And I look forward to that Every Year,” Lowery said.

Mr. Stewart has been in Lebanon for 12 years and has taught numerous band students that have passed through Lebanon. When to speak at strong day, Mr. Stewart rose to the challenge.

“Well, I kinda volunteered, when the teachers were asked who would like to participate in strong day and I thought that the stepping up ceremony was something that Mrs. Thomas, myself and the rest of the performing arts teachers could do well so I volunteered. It was fun.” Stewart said.

Everyone prepares differently for big speeches. Some continuously write out their speech, others use already written speeches and changed them to fit their use. This is what Mr. Stewart did.

“Well Ms. Felton has been doing that for a while so she basically gave me what she had done in the past and we changed a few things that used a lot of what she had done in the past… She actually helped us with the songs and the video so she had a big part in it too. So we took what Ms. Felton had done and made it our own,” Stewart said.

Being nervous about speaking in front of a huge crowd, especially when it is the entire student body of LHS. Mr. Stewart may speak to the marching band, which is comprised of almost 200 students in the band, on a daily basis, yet, he does know most of these students. However, with the rest of the school, he doesn’t know all of them.

“I mean I was a little nervous. I mean when you talk in front of the entire student body you can be kinda excited. It’s a little nerve-wracking. I talk in front of a lot of people all the time so it’s not a big deal for me. It wasn’t just the band kids though it was the whole school,” Stewart said.