The School of Metaphysics

The School of Metaphysics: College or Cult?


Elizabeth Hutton

The Psychology classes standing in front of the bus at the College, accompanied by the College’s dog Sam.

The school of Metaphysics has been around since 1973, located in Windyville, Missouri. It has been a go-to psychology trip for years. History teacher Mrs. Hutton has been heading the trip for the last two years and had much to say about the school.

“Psychology club is always looking for unique opportunities to learn about various cultures, traditions, and behaviors through intriguing experiences,” Hutton said.

Touring the campus of the “college” was definitely a visit worth remembering, there are only four people total that live and take care of the campus. They firmly push that they are a school and not a religion. They practice the idea of peace, and actually erected a Peace Dome in 2003.

The residents on campus live an organic life. Tending to their own gardens, livestock, and food. They live with little to no contact with the outside world. Being out in the middle of nowhere, down a long winding gravel road.

The teachings of the school are towards peace and the “ten essential life skills” which are: self respect, undivided attention, concentration, listening, memory, reasoning, intuition, breath, and entertainment. Though many think the teachings of the school can be a bit “odd.”

“From a Psychological perspective, the School of Metaphysics can give insight into culture, religion, and cult-like behaviors,” said Hutton.

While the school did have good teachings and some tidbits of interesting information, the whole school did come off as a cult, including a barn that visitors cannot go near or enter. With its strict rules and teachings, along with its isolation from the outside world and the materialistic aspects of the outside world.

The visit for myself personally, was an odd one, but there were important tidbits of information throughout the tour of the school. I truly believe that the school is trying to get a message across with its teachings and ten essential life skills.

Jeremy, who lives on the campus of the school, had us do an exercise where we looked out into the nature and forest surrounding the campus. What he said stuck with me, “Nothing is striving to be anything, it’s just there. Unfolding in their natural state.” He went on to explain how it’s more difficult to do that while you’re living in a city.

So, the visit to the School of Metaphysics was definitely a trip worth remembering and had interesting information to question and think upon. While I never would join the college myself, I do find the morals and studies of peace the school has intriguing unique. It was unlike any other place I have visited.