Flipping Out

Moto X3M games give you some fun flipping and flying through the air.

The game series Moto X3M is a fairly popular game around Lebanon High school. This is a series of games that has three released versions on “Cool Math.” They have released Moto X3M, Moto X3M Pool Party, and Moto X3M Winter. In this series, the player plays as a Motocross racer that gets to ride through many different places. The players are timed in the game, and the rating on each level is decided by how fast the player completes the level. The player can take a half of a second off of the player if the player completes a flip in the air, but be careful if the players don’t land it the player has to go back to the last recent checkpoint the player passed.

According to all of the students in Lebanon High School, this is a pretty great game. When the most recent version, Moto X3M Winter, came out I know that all of my friends and I would get on it the second that we had a chance too. Students seem to like this game in waves. I would predict that when the next game is put on cool math, it will be a very popular choice.

In my opinion, it is a very good game but is also a little too easy. The game is super fun because it challenges me to try for three stars on every level. In the last to games that were released, the player can change the player character if the player can pay enough stars. The bad part of this game lies in the times. There is no consequence if the players don’t complete the level in a certain amount of time. So the player can really just take the player time and finish the game very easily. Which causes the game to kind of get boring after a little while of playing.

Overall, this is one of my personal favorites even if it has some problems. Despite all of the negatives, the positives seem to outweigh them. Everyone is a fan of this game and it will always be very popular when they decide to release more versions. I would give this game a three out of five-star rating.

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