A Home Away From Home

GSA Feature

G.S.A stands for Gender Sexuality Alliance, but what it really means to the people of G.S.A is family. A home away from home where everybody can be accepted for who they really are. A safe place where there is nobody to say they are wrong for being attracted to the same gender, or both genders.

“I feel very loved in the club like I can always count on everyone else to be there for me, we’re a family we are always there for each other,” said senior Carter Collins.

The people in G.S.A are amazing people yet all so different. All the different personalities and yet the club is still welcoming to everybody. Giving everybody a place to feel like they will always fit in. Mrs. Barker talks very fondly of the kids in this group.

“Welcoming, meaning that everybody is supposed to be here and that we make a space for everybody,” said Mrs. Barker.

The people in this group often feel like they have to prove themselves. It’s difficult just making it through the day knowing there are people who dislike them for who they choose to be with. What others don’t realize is that this group of people aren’t any different from them, They have feelings too. All of them are hard working and don’t exclude anybody, all they want is a place to be accepted.

“My Sophomore year I started the club, because a bus driver in our school district told me that I was disgusting, and that I shouldn’t be welcome on his bus ever again and I shouldn’t be able to go on field trips. I felt like I needed to create a place where kids like me could come and feel loved and accepted by people that live here,” said Collins.

G.S.A is an amazing group. They get little respect from others yet they are still pushing to be able to fit in and be accepted. Just talking to a couple of people in the group has opened my eyes so much, being able to see more than one point of view. People don’t realize what they are doing when they make fun of people, or tear people down because they are different. Honestly you’re missing out because the people in G.S.A are sweet, caring, and have big hearts to accept everybody even if that someone had disliked them for who they are.

“They never cease to impress me because they are the ones who started this club, and they are the ones that drive what the club does, all I did was say yes you can have a space to do this. So they impress me continually,” said Mrs. Barker.