The World’s Hardest Game

Is the World’s Hardest Game Really the Hardest Game in the World?

The World’s Hardest Game
Is The World’s Hardest Game really the hardest game in the world?

The World’s Hardest Game series is a very tough series of games that will frustrate any student who dares to play it. It has three versions available to play on “Cool Math.” Players can play The Worlds Hardest Game, Worlds Hardest Game 2, and Worlds Hardest Game 3. In these games, the player is a small blue square avoiding dots and flying shapes that can hurt and collect coins on the player’s way. It sounds simple right? Not quite that easy.

I would say that many of the Lebanon students have tried to conquer this specific series of games. I know that few if any have actually completed them. Students love to play this game, but many get frustrated early on in the game and eventually just give up. That being said most students like the challenge and enjoy playing the game.

In my opinion, this is a fun game that is extremely challenging. I am always up for a hard game that will challenge me for a while, but this one is on another level. Like I said it is a fun game and it is very simple. The downsides to this game are present though. The game almost doesn’t have enough going on to make me want to spend the time to beat all of those levels. It seems would be an endless challenge to beat everything and I’m not sure if it is a game that is fun enough to spend that time on.

Overall, This is obviously a tough game. If the player is someone who likes to challenge the player and wants to say that the player beat the self-proclaimed world’s hardest game, then I would say the player give it a try. But if the player is looking for a super fun and relaxed game then I don’t think this is the one for the player. For those reasons, I would give this game two and a half stars out of five.

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