A match not many get to play

Danessa Howe made it to sectionals for tennis.


Ron Crowell

Coach Ron Crowell and senior Danessa Howe after a hard fought match at sectionals.

Danessa Howe a senior tennis player for Lebanon got to play in a match that only a select few players get to. This match was the sectional match. Lebanon hasn’t had a girl make it since 2016. So when Howe had the chance, Coach Ron Crowell knew how to get her ready. Coach Crowell has been there before. Coaching 9 players that have made it there.

“We had practice on Monday and we focused on servers and service returns and depth on her groundstrokes. We also had a great warmup before the match where she hits about everyball that she could see in the match. So she was ready to go about 30 to 40 minutes before the match,” said Coach Crowell.

The match had a weird start Howe was supposed to play at 4, but due to a rain delay they had to move inside. When Howe got inside to play they had to move off the court because at cooper tennis complex the courts have to be reserved and they didn’t have the court they needed at the time. So Howe didn’t get to start her match until 7:30 pm.

“We knew it would be about a 2 hour wait and there would be no way to get a court before that. So my goal was to get her away from tennis for a short time and to keep her moving so we went to the mall with the goal to be back on the courts about 30 minutes before the match. So she could refocus,” said Coach Crowell.

As the match finally started she got off to an early lead of 2-1, but Howe knew to win she had to give it her all. As the match kept going it started to seem as those tables were turning and Howe’s opponent started having the edge. When it was all tied up at 3-3 it seemed that her oppent had taken control of the match. Howe fought hard to stay in the match. She gave it all she could.

“She worked very hard and played well. She played one of her best matches of the season. She won a lot of points just on hustle. We were all very proud of her and the way she played,” said Coach Crowell

Howe fell short 3-6 1-6 the score doesn’t tell the whole story. She played her heart out in a match that not very many players get to play in. She showed a lot of heart just to keep trying to compete even if it didn’t look like it was going her way. She showed everybody no matter what she was never going to give up. Playing every point as if it were her last.