Starting with a Pitch

Aftermath of the Fall Choir Concert

Chamber Choir put in lots of time and effort for this moment. Even though they still made mistakes, they tried their best and that’s what counts.

Some students were nervous, other students were prepared. Either way, this would be the first choir concert of the 2019-2020 school year, and everyone knew it had to be successful.

Before the students went on to perform, they all gathered in the choir room to practice. Since there were only 30 minutes left before the concert began, Mr. Jackson knew he had to make this a quick practice. One by one, he had each of the choirs sing the beginning of each of their songs to get a good idea of what they were walking into. After a choir was done, they would leave the choir room and have a seat in Boswell Auditorium.

They entered in the following order: Bella Voce, Concert Choir, Treble Choir, Chamber Choir, and finally Yellow Jacket Singers (YJS). Every choir except YJS had a seat in the senior section, while they began standing on the risers.

“I think the practice before the concert helped us warm up a lot, but I feel like each of the parts could’ve been worked with a little better,” said senior Ashlynne Fohn.

After the audience had settled down, cell phones were silenced, and the welcoming speech was finished, YJS began to sing. YJS, composed of 16 students plus the 12 guys from Chamber Choir, sang three pieces, titled ‘Speak the Truth,’ ‘The Pasture,’ and ‘Laus Deo.’

Next up was Treble, composed of 38 students. They also sang three pieces, which were titled ‘Ave Maria’ featuring sophomore Makanda Sode on flute, ‘A Red, Red Rose,’ and ‘There Has to be a Song’.

Next in line to perform was Concert Choir, composed of 17 students. They sang three pieces called ‘Will There Really Be a Morning,’ ‘Rise Up, My Love,’ and ‘Cantar.’

Fourth to perform was Bella Voce, an advanced women’s chorus composed of 24 members. Their pieces were titled ‘She,’ ‘Nothing Short of Grace,’ and ‘Jump.’ Unlike the other choirs, Bella had soloists, Gwen Teal, Amalia Godinez, and Lexy DiMeo perform.

“The most work was probably put into Bella’s ‘Jump’ and ‘Nothing but Grace’ out of all the pieces. They worked very hard to get those to where they were supposed to be and performed them well,” said pianist Mrs. Denise Shoemaker.

Last but not least was Chamber Choir, composed of 29 members. They sang the last four pieces of the evening, which were titled ‘Gamaya’ featuring Brennen Keller on djembe, ‘Fyre, Fyre’, ‘Sure on This Shining Night’, and ‘Old Horatius’.

“Overall, the best thing we did was portray proper musicianship in the way we conducted ourselves throughout the entire concert. However, we need to work on our vowel shape,” senior choir president Madison Dameron said.