IT Review Kierra

Curry vs. Skarsgård

Curry vs. Skarsgård

Stephen King’s “IT” brought out an intense fear of clowns. It tells the story of 7 outcast teens that fight an ancient evil demon, who poses as a child-killing clown, that uses personal fears to get his victims. After failing to kill It, as kids, they come back to Derry, Maine on a promise they made as kids to end ‘IT’ forever. Beginning as a novel written by Stephen King it later became the film in 2017 directed by Andrés Muschiette.

Tim Curry’s Pennywise really brought a fear factor into the character. The movie was released on November 18th, 1990 directed by Tommy Lee Wallace. The filming alongside Currys portrayal of the murderous clown makes the character come to life. Using Pennywise’s interactions with the ‘losers’ as kids simultaneously as adults keeps the film suspenseful. Currys prosthetics also made the character very frightening, making him look human and monstrous at the same time, it made him seem more real. As a kid watching the movie for the first time, it really was as scary as King intended.

Muschiette introduced a new look to Pennywise the Dancing Clown and dove deep into its history. Bill Skarsgård plays the new Pennywise and puts his own spin into the character. I enjoyed his take on the character, I feel that he brought out a lot more emotion of Pennywise. Skarsgård’s Pennywise uses a lot more CGI compared to Tim Curry’s. I didn’t feel as scared watching the 2017 ‘IT’, there was a lot more comedy in the film that took away from the fright factor. The fear came from Pennywise’s jump scares more than anything. The child actors were kept separate from Skarsgård while filming the first few months until the first scene to keep their reactions real and genuine.

The original film, I feel is much more scary than the 2017 miniseries. Tim Curry’s Pennywise felt more real than Bill’s. I did really enjoy the filming and graphics of the new ‘IT’ though\; the acting and filming style was done well and had a lot of emotion behind it. I feel that the lack of skillful acting the 1990 ‘IT’ had was made up through its directing and filming strategies. Overall both films were really great and I liked them a lot.