The Missouri State Penitentiary

A Haunt to Remember


Gwen Teal

A cell in the prison, this cell was said to hold and entity inside it.

The Missouri State Penitentiary

The Missouri State Penitentiary is a prison that was opened in 1836 in Jefferson City. The prison had house inmates for almost 168 years before it was decommissioned in 2004. A total of 40 inmates had been executed, but there have been over hundreds of deaths off the record while the prison was still functioning.

While many may not believe in ghosts, individuals have experienced paranormal occurrences while touring the facility. The Psychology classes had had the privilege to take a small tour of the prison on Halloween. Psychology teacher Mrs. Hutton had much to say about the trip.

“I am no expert of the paranormal activity or spiritual afterlife things, but I did like the way our guide mentioned that there seemed to be ‘energies’ left behind. And even though I didn’t personally experience anything on our tour, I cannot confirm or deny any type of haunting that may occur at the prison. These stories always intrigue me and is popular with the students so it is just something fun to entertain our psyches,” said Hutton.

I personally thought the tour was quite captivating. There was a quick instant where the class thought they heard some sort of shout, myself included heard this shout. Though other than that nothing “paranormal” happened. Our guides were also interesting and kept the tour alive with stories and banter among students. It was fascinating to hear the stories that our tour guides had experienced. I only wish we had had the chance to experience something similar to what they described.

The only few downsides of the trip was definitely the temperature. There is no heating in the prison. At the end of the tour I could barely feel any of my limbs, it took away from the experience of the whole tour. Another drawback was the tour felt rushed, we were on a clock and didn’t have much time to experience the whole prison as a whole. So it took away from the true experience of the ghost tour.

However, the tour was exciting, the fact that we were touring a place where hundreds of people died was scary and exhilarating. I was glad to attend the tour, even if it was almost 30 degrees that day. It was interesting to learn the facts of the prison and dance around the idea that it’s truly haunted. If the chance arises that I can attend a tour again, I will gladly take it, as long as it’s a bit warmer.