American Eagle

My Opinion on AE’s clothes

American Eagle is a company offering high-quality, on-trend clothing, accessories and personal care products at affordable prices. American Eagle has been providing their services for 38 years, and was founded in Novi, Michigan in 1977. The clothing they produce is focused on women or men from the ages 15-25. The company values everyone feeling comfortable and having the freedom to be themselves. They are known for their hoodies and t-shirts, along with their denim products.

One of the many products American Eagle is known for is their hoodies. Their hoodies are comfortable while being stylish at the same time. They have hoodies for anyone, there is a vast amount of styles to choose from. They have styles like cropped, favorite sports team logos on the hoodie, or simply just plain sweatshirts that go with anything. American Eagle is a great place to shop for hoodies/sweatshirts.

Another popular product American Eagle sells are their t-shirts. Their t-shirts provide a classy way to look cute everyday. I personally really like their shirts, the material they are made out of lasts a while. Their shirts come in a variety of styles. They have graphic tees, long sleeve tees, crop tees, and many more to select from. My favorite are ‘AE soft & sexy plush v-neck t-shirt’, you can wear this style of t-shirt with anything and it will still look sleek.

Their denim products are among one of their most popular products they sell. Their denim products include jackets, dresses, skirts, and jeans. The jeans they sell are their most popular denim products. These jeans come in the sizes 00-24, they also include a ‘Curvy’ line of jeans made for plus size women. The jeans I have purchased from American Eagle have lasted me several years, the material they are made out of are stretchy and comfortable. The price of the denim products is a reasonable price considering how long they last. The jeans from American Eagle are my favorite pairs of jeans I own.

American Eagle offers products for everyone. I always love my clothes or jeans that I purchase from their store. The company shows how they value their customers in the clothing that they sell.